Madis Herkül
Undersigned: Madis Herkül

Madis Herkül, Founder

Our Story

My love for cars started in the mid-1980s, on the last few hundred meters leading up to my parents’ summer cottage. This was when I was allowed to sit on my father’s lap and steer the wheel of our LADA 2107. I will never forget my father’s car – neither the smell, nor the 90-degree turn which took me deep into the bushes my fourth time behind the wheel! Luckily both the passengers and the car remained undamaged, but oddly, this only served to deepen my love towards cars.

My first connection with collecting cars and future classics was around the late 90s, when I owned a Benz that Porsche had built – a W124 500E – although perhaps I couldn’t recognize the true value and potential of this car at the time, as I started to regret selling it only a few days after I had done so!

My passion for future classics has grown little by little ever since, and V12 Classics was born as a result of that.

Why V12? The most sophisticated example, the flagship of automotive engineering, the engines that are almost exclusively used in expensive sports and luxury cars – the V12s are sadly on track to be the first engines to be discontinued as a result of stricter emission standards, the transition to smaller combustion engines and alternative fuels. But according to the law of supply and demand, a decreasing supply in combination with stable and increasing demand will result in appreciating prices!

The cars you will find here have a connection to the good old days of Automotive Engineering. They are from a time with no emission standards or noise levels limits placed on the manufacturers – a time that resulted in light-footed cars with individual character and real feedback to the driver, when you were driving the machine and not being driven by it. The driving machines presented here not only hold great potential for appreciation, most of them are also quite good to drive even by modern standards – they just may not have all the latest bells and whistles.