What We Do

We specialise in future classics, often also referred to as youngtimers, as well as in modern super-, hyper- and racing cars. More generally, our interest lies in all automobiles which are likely to substantially appreciate in value in the foreseeable future.

That’s the segment which we have a thorough knowledge of and understand through and through. Whilst we are not active in the oldtimers market, we also love these cars a lot – it’s just that our area of expertise is different.

If you are interested in acquiring a specific driving machine, or you are looking for complete car collection management – we are here for you!

We can assist you with all the requisite stages, from helping to create an investment strategy and choosing the most efficient ownership structure, to acquiring the automobiles and finding suitable storage for them. Or maybe you´re just looking to acquire a particular future classic, or a modern racing-, super- or hypercar – we can help with that too!

Please do get in touch and let’s sit down to discuss how we can assist you in more detail.

Based on our experience, the best investments arise from the intersection of an investor’s passion and their purpose. If you consider yourself a car enthusiast and want to become an investor, you have ticked both boxes and have a good foundation for a success story – both a financial and an emotional one.