Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

Model W210

Production volume

12,000 units

Production period



5439cc V8





  • One of the last models designed by the famous Bruno Sacco
  • One of the very last models engineered by pre-merger AMG
  • Low mileage, and in absolutely immaculate condition
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In 1996, the new W210 E class was presented by Mercedes Benz, with a level of engineering considered revolutionary for the mid-1990s. Compared to the boxy and squared-off design of its predecessors, it introduced a fresh approach, resulting in a low drag coefficient of 0.27 – comparable to the Mercedes Benz CLA class, introduced in 2013, which has a value of 0.3.

Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W210 was launched in 1998 to rival the BMW M5. It had a 5,439cc naturally aspirated V8 engine producing 260kw/354hp and an enormous (for its time) 530Nm/390lb ft of torque, which propelled the car from 0 to 100kph in 5.4 seconds. The W210 E55 was produced from 1998 until 2002, with a facelift model introduced in 2000. In total, just under 12,000 vehicles were produced.

The W210 E class was designed by Steve Mattin, under the supervision of the legendary Head of Styling at Daimler Benz, Bruno Sacco. It was one of the last designs of a Mercedes-Benz model that Sacco was involved in (Sacco worked for Daimler Benz for just over four decades, from 1958-1999).

The E55 AMG was developed by AMG while it was still a fully independent company. DaimlerChrysler AG acquired a controlling stake in AMG in early 1999, and six years later in 2005, they became the full owner of AMG (of what is now called Mercedes-AMG GmbH). The W210 E55 AMG was the very first Mercedes-Benz model to called “55 AMG” (followed by models such as the SL55 AMG, S55 AMG, ML55 AMG, CLK 55 AMG, C55 AMG, CL55 AMG, G55 AMG and the CLS55 AMG).

Under the bonnet of a W210 E55 AMG is an M113 5.4 litre engine. This was the last non-turbo, or overcharged, engine of a similar displacement in a Mercedes-Benz E class AMG model to date. There has only been one naturally-aspirated AMG E Class vehicle since – the E63 AMG W212 that was produced between 2009-2011, and featured a 6.2-litre M156 engine.

Our E55 AMG is a low-mileage facelift model in absolutely immaculate condition. The vehicle has clocked just over 56,000 km, and its mechanical condition and body are fully reflective of that low figure. Not only does it remain a comfortable ride to this day, it is also approaching that period where it is likely to rapidly appreciate in value – almost two decades since in rolled off the production line in Affalterbach.